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The Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) is a leader in the global positive movement of like-minded individuals interested in the research and application of positive psychology. The CPPA promotes the science and application of positive psychology and its research-based interventions across Canada through its member base and affiliates. The CPPA is a conduit of everything-positive-psychology in Canada, connecting and supporting academic research programs, strategic alliances, and membership.

The CPPA is a not-for-profit organization committed to realizing a psychologically healthy society by connecting positive psychology research and leading practices to Canadians. Through peer learning opportunities, the CPPA leverages evidence-based data around individual and community well-being to help people flourish and to promote a continued conversation about how to live ‘the good life’. 

The CPPA’s mission is to help to nurture a psychologically healthy Canadian society at the organizational and individual level.

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Topic: Goal pursuit, performance, and well-being in educational contexts: A motivational analysis of optimal functioning

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New Volunteer Opportunities With The Canadian Positive

Psychology Association

CPPA is rapidly rebuilding. We have several new board members with a strong mixture of experience and knowledge in organizational growth and positive psychology. Exciting new events and activities are being planned and under way.

We are planning to grow a community of volunteers so volunteers are not only asked to give of their time but in return receive the benefits of personal and professional development as well being part of an active strong community within the organization.

We require dedication and commitment from our volunteers but the payback is rich with that sense of purpose and a true sense of being part of this organization’s growth.

Urgently needed: Fabulous Volunteers for CPPA’s Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Awards (CWWA) 

Marketing and Communications

This project’s success hinges on our ability to reach out in a highly targeted way using the best digital methods of outreach in advance of our proposed launch for May 1st.

We need your experience in: Social media campaigns, graphic design, content creation, social media and other marketing skills.

Those who skilled in leading this component and those who love direct hands  on execution are welcome to apply

Awards Sponsorship

This is for you if you have had past success in developing corporate relationship and securing event sponsorships (both in-kind and monetary) 

Awards Framework Creation Assistance

if you have a great blend of business experience and positive psychology you can help us with finalizing and writing up the parameters/criteria of the awards 

Awards Project Management

Bring your project management skills to the logistics behind the awards including calling organizations, screening and selection of entries

We are also currently seeking volunteers to fill the following positions:

French Translator for our new website. We are seeking knowledgeable bilingual volunteers to help with the translation of all our English pages. This could include a full translation or just double-checking the flow and editing after a translation program has run through the content. 

Marketing and Communications Volunteers for both long term and short term positions who are knowledgeable about positive psychology and who are also skilled in graphic design, blog writing, social media and other marketing skills.

Event Planning Volunteers for virtual and onsite events If you enjoy and are skilled in event coordination logistics such as registration, speaker management, online management, poster presentation coordination, PERMA activities (online and live), audiovisual and social media. We will have a number of roles we are looking to fill.

If you are interested in one of these areas or you would like to learn more about helping in another way with this initiative, please contact Wayne Greenway at

Announcing the new CPPA Unconventional Book Club with Andrea Seydel!

For more info please contact us at

Please view our DISCLAIMER about the uses and application of positive psychology. 

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